New DISCA representatives

Hi everyone!

First of all, we want to thank you for the trust you have given us and for voting us as your representatives. At this point all that remains is to introduce us:

Giacomo Fanti:

“I’m 30yo and I live in a small country near Como since I was born. After high school, where I obtained the industrial technical expert diploma, I obtained both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the University of Insubria in Environmental Sciences. I did both theses at Environmental and Occupational Hygiene research group. Nowadays I always work with the same research group and my tutor is Dott. Andrea Spinazzè. I start my PhD this year (XXXVI cycle), so I am a new entry, and My PhD project concerns the development of a multiparametric device for the monitoring of airborne pollutants. Leaving out this pandemic period you can find me at the “Anello”, floor -1 in Via Valleggio ,11 (Co). Last but not least I’m very interested in outdoor sports like cycling and skiing especially everything related to the mountain world”

Martina Scotton:

“My training began at University of Insubria earning a bachelor’s degree in safety engineering, then I obtained a master’s degree in industrial engineering at Polytechnic of Milan, and both theses were carried out under the supervision of Professor Sabrina Copelli with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating as a research fellow first and then as a PhD candidate. Actually, I’m at my second year of PhD (XXXV cycle) and the main aim of my research is the environmental impact modeling and risk management of industrial accidents, with a particular focus on dust explosion. Topic that has captured and fascinated me already from the master’s thesis. Like my colleagues I also have interests outside the academic world, indeed I have a wandering soul and I am passionate about photography. For any need you can find me on the first floor of “Cubo” building located in via Valleggio 9 (Co) or you can contact me by email.”

Giulia Gorla:

“I’m a second-year PhD student (XXXV cycle) and I’m working in analytical chemistry and chemometrics with Prof. Barbara Giussani. I graduated at the University of Insubria in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry as bachelor’s degree and then in Chemistry as master’s degree with a thesis in analytical chemistry. Someone says I am chatterbox and kind of nerdy. What is sure is that I try to be as sociable as possible. I love dogs and cats, castles and sports (almost all of them). For everything you might need, you can find me on the second floor of via Valleggio, 9 “Cubo” building (Co), or most likely in this period, on Teams or by email.”

Do not hesitate to contact us for any need, we will do our best to help you solve any kind of problems.

Best regards and enjoy your PhD!!!!

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