Courses and Seminars for the second semester a.y.2019/20

As part of the teaching programme, DISCA now offers the following Courses for the second semester of a.y.2019/2020:

  • Course on BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION teached by Dr. Koprowski, University of Arizona (US). Provisional Schedule: from 6 to 15 March 2020 in Varese. ECTS for partecipants: 3.  More info in the Syllabus.
  • Course on PALEOLIMNOLOGY teached by Dr. Noble, University of Reno (Nevada – US) and Dr. Rosen, USGS (US). Provisional Schedule: from 18  March to 24 April 2020 in Como. ECTS for partecipants: 3.  More info in the Syllabus.

Another Course is planned for spring/summer 2020 on Chemical Sciences, teached by Dr. Sewald, University of Bielefeld (DE). ECTS for partecipants: 3. More info will follow.

Moreover, the following two Seminars on Earthquake Geology are planned in March:

  • “Paleoseismology and fault displacement hazard assessment: lessons learned from the past” by Dr. McCalpin, INQUA TERPRO President. Schedule: 6  March 2020 in Como.
  • “The Mountains Are Falling Apart: A Spectrum of Mass Failures from Landslides, to Deep-Seated Gravitational Spreading (Sackung), to ‘Unfolding’ of Folds”  by Dr. McCalpin, INQUA TERPRO President. Schedule: 9  March 2020 in Como.

For logistic reasons, please notify to Prof. Michetti ( if you are interested in any of these courses or seminars.

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